Hedge Post Swings

OH_ 014We had some old hedge post donated to us by Doug Kettering and recently acquired some swings so we decided to make a couple of hedge post swings for our guests. Now you can sit and relax by the pond and feed the many goldfish, watch the birds or just do nothing but enjoy the calm and quiet country. Doug had removed them from a fence line he tore out. The hedgewood tree is a bright golden yellow and extremely rot resistant. Our vision is to create a number of photo opportunities throughout the property where guests can create special memories with a truly rustic flair. More benches, docks and landscaping is on the way as The Old Homestead continues to grow.SwingAfter The Hedge Post Swings will last for years as I understand hedge wood it very resilient to the weather and bugs. Stop by and take a swing anytime. I took a little time to read up on hedgewood trees and they have some interesting facts. The links to some of the sites are below.

The Wood Database

Great plains Nature Center



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